About Conference

Computational linguistics is an interdisciplinary field that has taken a bunch of notices to itself. Among many,linguists,computer scientists,experts in artificial intelligence,mathematicians,logicians,philosophers,cognitive scientists, cognitive psychologists, psycholinguists, anthropologists and neuroscientists are those mostly and more analytically involved with that. Theoretical computational linguistics focuses on issues in theoretical linguistics and cognitive science,and applied computational linguistics focuses on the practical outcome of modeling human language use.

Regarding the colossal furtherance of computational sciences besides its probing and processing among varied sciences,it’s quite crucial for Persian language to keep its pace as fast as other languages to strengthen its role. Since the prophetic mission of linguists in Regional Information Center for Science and Technology (RICeST) has made them to make Persian Language scientific,they consider holding The First National Conference on Applied Research in Computational Linguistics (with Emphasis on Persian Script and Language) to make researchers,masters,and students familiar with the most updated researches in C. L.,specifically in relation to Persian Script and Language. This conference could be a golden occasion to scientific interactions and synergizing experts’ experiences in this field. Hereby,all the respected researchers will be invited to send the conference secretariat their latest invaluable findings.  






Computational linguistics theories and formalisms

Representation of linguistic knowledge

Statistical methods in computational linguistics

Natural language processing

Document processing

Computational linguistics research resources

Semantic web

Computational morphology

Part-of-speech tagging

Computational syntax

Corpus linguistics

Linguistic parsing

Grammar induction

Computational semantics

Computational semiotics

Computational phonetics and phonology

Ambiguity resolution

Word sense disambiguation

Anaphora resolution

Recognizing textual entailment

Text generation

Natural language interfaces

Machine translation

Document classification

Information retrieval

Automatic information extraction

Question answering systems

Text mining


Plagiarism detection

Spell and grammar checkers

Text to speech

Speech to text

Auto complete systems